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The Sticky Introduction
Instead of being organized and having two separate journals for 'real life' and 'fandom life' I've only got this one. This means, essentially, that all of my real-life posts (of which there are few) are friends-locked, and all the fandom posts are public. I'm sporadic and inconsistent with these things, and I have no idea whether that will ever change. I'm unfortunately the same way with people I can talk to face to face >.>
It's something I'm trying to work on.

My fandoms include, but are not limited to: Doctor Who, Heroes, Life on Mars, Band of Brothers, Life, Dexter, Prince of Tennis, Merlin, Stargate Atlantis, Dead Like Me, Dragon Age 2 and all things Terry Pratchett. I've been known to occasionally revisit Harry Potter and Gundam Wing, and I read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy novels. I'm also interested in Cross-cultural studies (especially with Western and Eastern cultures), Japanese, Anthropology, History, Writing, Marketing, Graphic Design, herbalism, sustainability, food and travel.

Feel free to friend me (because I love making new friends), but I probably won't friend you back unless you've commented somewhere on here or I have some other reason to know who you are :D (this means "I like talking to the people I friend. I like talking to people in general. Can we chat?")

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Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

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