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Instead of being organized and having two separate journals for 'real life' and 'fandom life' I've only got this one. This means, essentially, that all of my real-life posts (of which there are few) are friends-locked, and all the fandom posts are public. I'm sporadic and inconsistent with these things, and I have no idea whether that will ever change. I'm unfortunately the same way with people I can talk to face to face >.>
It's something I'm trying to work on.

My fandoms include, but are not limited to: Doctor Who, Heroes, Life on Mars, Band of Brothers, Life, Dexter, Prince of Tennis, Merlin, Stargate Atlantis, Dead Like Me, Dragon Age 2 and all things Terry Pratchett. I've been known to occasionally revisit Harry Potter and Gundam Wing, and I read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy novels. I'm also interested in Cross-cultural studies (especially with Western and Eastern cultures), Japanese, Anthropology, History, Writing, Marketing, Graphic Design, herbalism, sustainability, food and travel.

Feel free to friend me (because I love making new friends), but I probably won't friend you back unless you've commented somewhere on here or I have some other reason to know who you are :D (this means "I like talking to the people I friend. I like talking to people in general. Can we chat?")

I have committed fanart...
And it`s fic-fanart :D

If any who fans out there haven`t yet read earlgreytea68 `s Chaosverse, then you should. It`s wonderful, the characterizations are gorgeous, and the stories themselves are warm and happy-inducing (if I can make up a word). This bit of drawing was inspired by the story "The Girl Scout Guide to Saving the Universe". My drawing skills are extremely rusty and it has literally been years since I tried to draw people, but I gave it a shot anyway.

combination sketch and comp-colouring hereCollapse )

Fic: Gravity is a habit that's hard to shake off
Title: Gravity is a habit that's hard to shake off
Author: runningondreams
Genre: Humour
Spoilers: through 4x13 "Journey's End" and the attached pairing
Summary: Rose just hadn’t expected to be regaled with Tornic love songs sung in previously undiscovered keys or told that her mother had always reminded him of his post-Gern114-intergalactic-law professor.

Many thanks to studyofrunning and kahtyasofia for encouragement and beta-skills.

It was possible that introducing him to the open bar had been a mistake.Collapse )

I love Blockbuster online :D
*hee* I just got the first three discs of S3 Doctor Who in the mail! *is going to watch David Tennant for  the next 8 hours*

15-minute fic: One minute to meltdown
Written for word #75 of the 15_minute_fic community. The prompt word itself will be placed under a cut as per community guidelines.

Title: One Minute to Meltdown
Fandom: Doctor Who S4
Spoilers! 4x13 Journey's End
Characters: Donna and the Doctor (in new and interesting spoilerish ways)
Word count: 333
No betas or editing beyond typos allowed.

Life After (a Sandra/Bennet fic)

Title: Life After
Sandra/Bennet, Lyle, Claire

Spoilers/Warnings: Through 2x9 “Cautionary Tales” and then AU, implied drug use
Written for
:[info]apckrfan in the rare_heroes Sekrit Santa Exchange, with the prompts: 1) Would love to see why Sandra's still loyal to Noah and standing by him after finding out he'd altered her memories for a long while.  2) They clearly care for one another, I'd like to see that come through even if it's a gen fic.  3) And well, what would a fic involving Sandra be without involving Mr. Muggles.
Heroes and all its characters belong to Tim Kring, NBC, and their affiliates.

Summary: “There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and people we can't live without but have to let go.”  ~Anonymous 

A/N: Many thanks to indyhat for an awesome beta.

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25 Heroes icons for your viewing pleasure:

Most pics are from Cautionary Tales, one is from early S1

--Hiro (x3)
--Bennet family (x2)
--Bennet&Sandra (x13)
--Bennet and Claire (x4)
--Sandra and Claire (x2)
--Sandra (x1)

--1 Friends Only banner (hiro)

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Father's Day (a Lies to Live By fic)
lies to live by
Title: Father’s Day
Lies to Live By (link to “Partners”) -can be read separately-
Implied Claude/Bennet, baby!Claire, Sandra/Bennet
Word count: 5.1k
implied slash, less-than-legal adoptions, implied mistreatment of a child (canon), 1x17 and much of volume 2.
Written for:
  nina_ds in the Morally Grey November Exchange with the prompts: at least some of it to be set during their partnership, pre-shooting; foreshadowing; Claude complaining about American beer.
Disclaimer: Heroes belongs to Tim Kring and NBC and their affiliates.
Summary: “According to the file, we’ve adopted a healthy little girl: approximately five months old, 17 lbs—”

AN: Heartfelt thanks to [info]fantasticpants, who read at least five drafts of this story and asked the question “Why now?” without which this fic would never have come to be, and to [info]indyhat, who provided both an excellent beta and inspiration.


Possibly the best website ever:
So, it's been a really long time (again). But school ate my life and I really haven't had much to say that wasn't complaints about professors and classes. But! the semester is almost over and I've started writing again, so this journal is not dead yet ^^. In fact I'll probably be posting some recs in the next few days, but for now I just have one thing to say.

You should go to this website, and practice your vocabulary.

This is a website dedicated to ending world hunger: for every word you get right, it donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. Not only is this a fantastic cause, but it's fun too ^^.  And slightly addictive, last night, I got up to 2,000. It's a simple way to make the world just a little bit better in your free time, and they have some really interesting words too!  :D

41 Heroes Icons
invisible man
A lot of image repeats- I was mostly experimenting with different tools and spacings. Six pictures for 41 icons. I need to do something more productive.

Bennet & Claire (x16)
Nathan/Adrian Pasdar (x12)
Peter/Milo Ventimiglia (x13)

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